January was an extremely busy month for me as I was jetsetting and just in general been keeping very busy. One of the things I did that I have only just got round to posting about was I was lucky enough to be sent to Amsterdam by my work. 

We were sent there to tour the Heineken experience and in between sample a couple of restaurants and bars. The first restaurant we went to was called Pasta E Basta which was a lovely little Italian place where the waitresses sing. Quirky. The food was amazing and the performers were superb. I would definitely recommend it if you're heading to Amsterdam and looking for somewhere unusual to go. 
The next day was the Heineken experience which was educational, fascinating and also pretty fun. Lots of things to do and plenty of Heineken to be sampling. Again if you are heading to Amsterdam its definitely something I'd recommend. 

 Then we got to roam the city a little bit which was my favourite bit. The buildings, the bikes, the bars, the windmills, the food. I loved it all. I also don't know if I'm the only one to do this but when I go abroad I instantly go find a supermarket and buy all the foreign sweets and crisps. Lays Bolognese flavour are definitely a favourite. 

It's honestly such a beautiful city aside from all the sex and drugs its famous for, its actually a stunning place to visit and I will definitely be going back. 

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  1. It's such a beautiful city and I'm DYING to visit! x


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