5 ways to change up your make up

1. Buy an eyeshadow palette: I bought this one from Superdrug and reviewed it here. I recommend buying a palette with several shades that suit your skin tone and eye colour and playing around with what looks good, create a smokey eye with colours other than white, black and grey. Add eyeshadow to below your lashes as well as to your lid. Try new colours you've never experimented with before

2. Try lipliner: Honestly once you start you will never stop. It defines your lip, it stops the lipstick running and it can be used as an all over colour as well as to line your lips.

3. Buy new brushes: They don't have to be expensive, I buy mine from Wilkos but try using a concealer brush or different size brushes and play around. Try applying lipstick with a brush rather than straight to the lip, its much more subtle and less harsh.

4. Draw on your eyebrows: NO SCOUSE BROWS. But try adding a little shape and colour to your brows and see the difference it makes. It defines your face and makes your eyes stand out. Try using different gels and shadows rather than just the standard pencil. Pencil tends to look fake anyway. I currently just use a brown eye shadow and then a gel over the top for a much more natural look.

5. Highlight: Using highlighter will change your life. I'm really not into the whole contouring as when I do it it tends to just look like I've not rubbed my make up in properly but use highlighter on your brow bone or cheek bones to really structure your face

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