DIY Ideas: Photo Frame Wall Collage

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a little DIY fanatic. I love building things and making my house look super pretty. I also love photos. 

I find that so often these days (I'm so old) we just post photos straight online and then they're never really seen again unless you're having a search for your latest throwback thursday pic. 

We used to get them all printed at the 24 hour photo shop (who) with our disposable cameras (whooooo) and then put them into a photo album or in a frame. Which is exactly what I decided to do. 

I'd seen a couple of these photo frame collage things on Pintrest and thought I'd give it a go so I collected some frames from Ikea, Wilkos and a couple I actually received for Christmas. I tried to stick to three colours colours black, white and grey (so adventurous) then it was all about arranging where to go. I initially placed them on the floor so I could see what frame went where and what photos went in which frame and then begun hanging them. For this I actually purchased my first hammer rather than just use stilettos to hit the nails like I have with nearly all my flat pack furniture. I then proceeded to nail the nails into the wall and only hit my fingers twice.

I like that I chose a random selection of frames but I've also seen some super cute ones of the same frame repeated.

Side note: Would not recommend if you have a massive OCD I've been ensuring each frame is perfectly straight for weeks

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