Topshop Advent Calendar: Days 9-20

Been working so much this past week I haven't really had the chance to blog let alone open an advent calendar. The joys of hospitality. But today I'm off and I am fully relaxing and catching up with everything I haven't been able to do this week. I'm home for Christmas in two days and I'm so so excited. Today I had a lovely conversation with my two year old nephew, he thought I was Spider Man but we discussed how we're going to see Santa on Christmas eve. 
I finally finished all my Christmas shopping today as well which is such a relief. I still have to wrap a couple of things and complete Christmas cards but then I can relax and enjoy 3 days off in a row which nothing to do but eat and be merry. 


  1. I love the Christmas top shop calendar - unfortunately the my no.13 bracelet was broken but everything else is so lovely :)



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