Topshop 3D Curve Mascara Review

A couple of days ago I posted my Christmas Present Haul. In this little haul I received this 3D Curve mascara set for Christmas by Topshop which I was just dying to try out as I love Topshop make up as I've mentioned numerous times before. 
I am forever in the pursuit of any mascara that promises to give longer lashes. This mascara comes in Topshop's iconic simplist packaging. The brush itself produces long thick lashes that I was extremely impressed with. It doesn't leave lashes clumpy or spider like which can happen so often with mascaras that promise to give lots of length.

 Over the summer, I reviewed a really cheap alternative from Wilkos that gives amazing lash length that I absolutely adore and would also recommend.
The set I received comes with a Kohl eyeliner as well which I would highly recommend. I don't wear eyeliner much these days as I feel it makes my eyes look small and beady but a little bit in the corners doesn't hurt anybody.

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  1. The set looks amazing!!! :D

    Serene xoxox


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