New Years Resolutions 2015

I posted last week about how far I'd got with my New Years resolutions from last year and as I actually did quite a lot of it, it made me think that may I do actually believe in New Years resolutions, kind of...

 I still stick to that if you want to do something, like give up smoking or lose weight that you shouldn't wait till the first of January to begin that, you should start from the minute you decide you need to make a change. But I do like being able to set yourself little goals every year and then to reflect back on them and see what you achieved. I feel like monthly goals or every 6 months goals are probably a better thing than once a year but here are mine for this year:

Be more organised: I'm not ridiculously unorganised but I could be better and its something I always want to work on. Especially with birthdays. Unless Facebook tells me then I'm pretty awful with birthdays so I bought myself the below cute little diary from Tesco. I usually carry a filofax on me but I find I'm not great with small diaries. I usually forget about them half way through the year and end up buying a new pretty one but I can only try hey. I also bought the below notepad from Paperchase, I use it for writing down new blog post ideas or to do lists. I find a new pretty note pad gets me all inspired.

Travel more:  First stop Amsterdam and then I really want to head to Paris. And then who knows. I really want to see more of the world whilst I can. I'm not one of those who could go to Australia for a year and be away from my family or friends for that long but little trips at a time I can cope with.

Read ASOIAF: I mentioned in my post last week that my resolution last year was to read ASOIAF which to any non-geeks is the book series A Song of Ice and Fire which is the book series which Game of Thrones the TV series by HBO is based on. I started the first book of the series Game of Thrones last year and never finished. After writing said post last week I have now finished the first book and am about to begin A Clash of Kings. I am very determined to finish the series by the end of the year as its something that genuinely interests me. So if George R.R. Martin could release Winds of Winter by the time the year is up that would be just swell. 

Get into photography: My Grampy passed away this year and he was a camera fanatic. He's kind of inspired me to get into it a little more. I've just bought a Fujifilm XF1 so I can have something to carry with me day to day that's not my iPhone. My Samsung bridge camera is just too big to carry around and its not one I'm super happy with to be honest. I'm also trying to learn more about photography. I bought this book from Urban Outfitters which I highly recommend. Its a photography for dummies style book, its easy to read and understand and explains what half the buttons on my camera does that I never knew before.

Do more with my hair: Completely vain resolution but I noticed as I was going through my A Year In Outfit posts that other than dying my hair its nearly the same in every single photo. I have a huge hatred for my ears as they are so tiny so I avoid putting my hair up. I have previously tried fishtail braids, top knots etc and I feel like I should venture out a little more and try new styles. I also really want to buy some big barrelled curlers for glam style waves. Also not wash my hair every day so it gets in better condition, plus its easier to style. 

Say yes more: Do things that scare you and don't worry about the consequences. 2014 taught me life is so very short and in the least morbid way ever I live every day thinking if I were to die tomorrow would I be happy. Write a blog post that scares you, go ask out the boy/girl you've been dying to speak to for weeks, go buy the things you want, go for a job you don't think you're good enough to get. And always think to yourself "What is the worst that can happen".

Use Pinterest more: I love Pinterest. I'm like 2 years behind the hype but its something I recently have begun using. I love it for home decor ideas or fashion posts and its something I want to start posting on.

Switch off: This completely contradicts the last resolution but I spend more time that I would like to admit on my phone. I find myself with it constantly in my hand even if I'm just on the sofa watching TV I will be just aimlessly scrolling through twitter or Facebook and not really doing much. There are obviously some great uses for phones and internet etc. I read a lot of books on my phone as its easier to carry around etc and I sometimes sit and read new blogs but I feel like I could cut a lot of time back as its really not all too healthy. 

Buy key pieces over bargains: Looking at you Primark. Yes Primark does produce some right little finds but I would say the things that cost a little more from Zara or Topshop are the pieces I wear the most and if you think about it in terms of cost per wear in the long run it is a lot better value. Plus I feel the cheaper the item the more my judgement gets blurred I'll buy things from Primark that later I will completely regret where as something for £40 from River Island takes a little more thought into buying.

Read more blogs: This is something I have kind of begun but over 2015 I want to discover lots of new blogs other than just the usual lot I read. I'm really into lifestyle blogs at the moment. Bloglovin is my favourite place to scroll through new blogs currently.

Create my office/spare room/ walk in wardrobe: 2014 was the year I finally became a fully independent woman and began living alone, which has left me with a spare room. Currently it is a huge floordrobe/ storage for stuff I have no where for it to go. Over the next year I want to turn it into my walk in wardrobe/office. I have bought some bits for the wardrobe already I just need to actually put it up. I have a fair bit of time off over January to do so. Next is to buy a desk so I have a place to blog that isn't my bed. I also need a huge wardrobe clear out which I will hopefully start putting some stuff on eBay.

What are your resolutions?

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  1. Great list - I'm trying to stay away from Pinterest! I'll be an addict.

    Lizzie Dripping

  2. Happy New Years! Ahh, good ole resolutions. I should probably think about writing down some goals but I really like the ones you've listed because they're practical. And I agree, goals should be made whenever you feel like doing something, not just the 1st of January. P.S.: PINTEREST IS AMAZING. Lol, good luck in 2015!

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M


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