New Years Resolutions 2014: Follow Up

I don't believe in New Years Resolutions. I believe in all year round resolutions. I mentioned exactly this in this post about this time last year. It's funny because going through it a lot of the little resolutions I set myself I never actually got round to doing but I stick to most of it. I thought I'd go through and see what I actually promised I'd do and what I actually did.

1. Skin Routine

 I still stick to a skin routine but now I just use hot water and a face wash and then eye make up remover. I found that cleansing and toning actually made my skin worse. I don't if it was the products I was using or what but it didn't work. And apart from that time of the month, I don't get any break outs. Sometimes I'm really naughty and wear my make up to bed and then that ensues hideous skin but that is my own silly fault. I never got round to buying any Liz Earle products either.

FYI The list of celebs I've now met include Mercedes McQueen and Jacquie McQueen from Hollyoaks, Sinead from Hollyoaks, Natasha from Atomic Kitten and Ritchie from 5ive.

2. Read

 I still haven't finished ASOIAF, I'm near the end of Game of Thrones... this is something I would actually like to get finished. I have however read Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns, Paranomality, The Body Language Bible and I'm half way through Tina Fey Bossypants.

3. Blog Less

I blogged 322 times in 2013 and I'm near 250 in 2014, I feel like my posts this year have been a higher quality (hopefully) and I'm not just posting because I feel like I should. I blog cause I want to not because of stupid pressure I put on myself for no reason.

4. Improve photography

It's a little better but I'm still unhappy with my camera, I find myself using my iphone half the time. So this is a definite resolution for next year. I've just bought a couple of books on photography and a new compact digital camera as a Christmas present to myself so I have a camera on the go, so hopefully it'll improve.

5. Beauty blog more

I feel like I have achieved this. I've composed a couple of different posts on beauty. It's still something I learn everyday and I'm constantly trying new products, especially lipsticks as thats definitely where my passion lies. 

6. Home Sweet Home

I've still been pretty poor with my visits home but I've been home for nearly all major birthdays and I'm home for Christmas this year which makes me super happy. 

7. Travel

Well I recently finally got my passport sorted, so that's a step and I am heading to Amsterdam in January. This will hopefully be the first of many trips. Although this year I haven't been abroad I do feel this year I've travelled more than ever. Even if its just to North Wales, Manchester or London.

8. Home Improvements

As you can see in my home tours. My home has under gone a transformation and its finally at a place where I'm so happy to live here. You can see it here; before, during and after.

9. Make time to see people

I've spent so much time with friends this year. Much more than I did last year and I've made sure I try and catch up with them all when I can. 

10. Keep doing what I'm doing

 I would say I'm even happier than I was this time last year.


  1. I think my resolution is to blog for next year: well done for completing most of these.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog


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