Lush Cosmetics: Mask of Magnaminty Self-Preserving Face Mask Review

I'm a huge advocate of Lush especially their fresh face masks. So far I have tried Cupcake, Love Lettuce and Oatifix. I went in today to buy another now Oatifix is nearly past its sell by date only to find the store in Chester was sold out of fresh face masks.
 It's then I found this little beauty. Mask of Magnaminty is a self preserving mask which means unlike the fresh masks I'm so fond of they don't need to be stored in a fridge and they don't last just 4 weeks. Its similar in texture to Love Lettuce but it smells so fresh and minty. Instantly my skin just felt refreshed and like it had colour and life back to it after several weeks of 60 plus hours working.  

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