How to give the best Christmas gifts

1. Gestures: When my best friend lived with me she left a bunch of balloons at my door for when I woke up. Simple, cost effective but very sweet. For birthdays I get more touched by a surprise birthday cake or a friend who said they couldn't make it and then does 

2. Interactive gifts: Yep I love clothes, no doubt but the reason why kids love Christmas is they are given loads of toys that can occupy them on the day. That's why my favourite gifts are gadgets or books, DVDs etc, things you can actually use.

3. Thinking outside the Christmas list: I send a Christmas list to my family every year but I actually prefer when they buy me things that stray from the list, it has much more thought into and they are the presents you remember most.

4. Stalk your giftee: Look on their Pintrest or pretend you need to take them shopping and then sneakily look at all the things they're eyeing up. If they have a blog, see if they have a Wishlist. Remember in friends when Ross gets the brooch Rachel was looking at in the shop window.

5. Experiences: There's so many gift experiences out there at the moment that are really good value. Spa days are one of the best experiences you can give to someone. Especially if it's a new mum or someone who you know works really hard and needs a bit of pampering. Holidays or get aways are also great presents. Give them the gift of memories