Home Tour 2014: Christmas Edition


All furniture: Ikea

It's not exactly a home tour but just a front room tour of my Christmas décor this year. Its monochrome with splashes of silver and glitter and lots of lights plus you can see the differences in furniture between my last post and today's. Last month I finally began living on my own after years of house mates and I have loved every second of it. It does get a little scary when its 5am and you hear a massive bang outside and you convince yourself you're going to die but other than that I love it. 

I'm quite an independent person and I thrive on doing things for myself. My parents have never helped me out with money or buying things so everything I have, I have because I have worked hard for it. I love that I got to decorate the house this year exactly how I wanted it. My dad usually never lets us put up the Christmas tree till like mid December so I wanted to do it super early so I can enjoy it more. 

 You can see where I bought most of my decorations from in my Christmas decoration haul post

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