OOTD 2/11/14

Jumper: Topshop
Skirt: River Island
Boots: ASOS

I feel like Sunday's are the perfect days to have off. As I work in hospitality I don't often have the pleasure of enjoying them. The last 3 days I did like 40 hours or something ridiculous so I really made sure I enjoyed today. I got the right balance of proactive/lazy and healthy/eating my weight in food. I made a little roast and whilst that was cooking I enjoyed some retail therapy and then had a proper deep clean of every room in my house. My house mate has just moved out so it was a perfect day to have a proper clear out. It's weird that I'm now living alone but something I'm excited for and something I have looked forward to for a while. 

I lived alone for a month or two last year and really enjoyed it. I think there's something quite powerful in enjoying spending time on your own. So long as you balance it right and don't become a recluse. I've lived where I do now for a year and seven months. Which for me is such a long time. During uni I moved house nearly every year for one reason or another and its nice to finally be settled. I've had people say it's a little odd that I still live in the house I got with my then boyfriend. As it must hold bad memories etc. I think its all about perspective. This house doesn't hold memories of a bad relationship, its the house that I became the strong person I am today in. And I've spent a lot of time and money making it homely and somewhere I'm really happy to come home to. And its probably one of the only places I've actually felt like I belong in. Deep.

 Anyway on my shopping trip I bought some new pjs from Topshop along with some new lipsticks. Will probably reviewing them soon. And I also bought some fairisle bedding from Primark which is so pretty and makes me feel so Christmassy. I bought some new pjs because I feel like now at the age of 24 I should get rid of all my Sesame Street PJ's and start wearing adult pjs. I'm feeling those long sleeved silk things. 
I'm going to leave it at that because this is literally the longest blog post I have ever wrote.

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