I came back today from a couple of days home for my sisters birthday which involved going to Puxton Park which is a farm which has an awesome play area in it. I feel I enjoyed it much more than my nephew did. And the today I spent the day detoxing.
 I don't actually know the correct way to detox and I should probably look it up some day but my idea of detoxing is relaxing and getting rid of any stresses or negative things for your body or mind. I've been enjoying eating unhealthy things and quite literally drinking my weigh in gin over the last few weeks, so I decided when I came back to spend a bit of time looking after my body.
 I bought these teas by Pukka from the farm store at Puxton Park along with some jams and other farm goodies. Not only do they taste amazing but they are feeling good for your skin and body. I drank one of these whilst surrounded by candles and put on my new favourite face mask Oatifix. I feel very calm now and ready for work again tomorrow. As well as drinking tea I'm drinking more water and eating foods that are good for me and taste good because I've had several fry ups and one Mc Donalds breakfast which my body is punishing me for.