5 Ways To Help Wake Up In The Morning

Trying to detox and be a good person this week so I'm trying not to lie in past a point I have to. I really struggle with mornings as I'm such a night owl but here are 5 of my best tips to get you up and running in the morning.

1. Keep your phone on charge on the opposite side of the room: This is good for three reasons. You are less likely to scroll through twitter/facebook/instagram/bloglovin/pintrest before bed and therefore keep you awake an extra hour and also it makes you get up in the morning. Once you're up, you're up believe me it works. Thirdly you are less likely to look at your phone in the middle of the night.

2. DON'T SNOOZE: I'm the worst for this. Since watching this video by AsapScience though I am a lot better.

3. Light exercise: When I wake up I jog on the spot to get my heart going. There's no way you will find me leaping out of bed and doing a mile run at 6am but a couple of star jumps seem to do the job.

4. Write morning messages to yourself: My alarm consists of abusive/motivational messages to myself. On iPhones you can change the Label on your alarm so it doesn't just say 'Alarm' mine say things like "DON'T SNOOZE" and "Get up you lazy cow". It works. Promise

5. Drink tea: Drink cammomile tea before bed to send you off to sleep and then green tea with ginger in the morning. I also keep a bottle of water by the bed and drink that first thing so I'm nice and refreshed and if I'm being super bad, I just throw it on myself.

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