5 Ways to Get Motivated

So I've been feeling highly unmotivated lately both with blogging and any other tasks I have to do in life. Last week I gave myself a week off but now I'm fully motivating myself again. 

  • Get up early: Firstly use my 5 tips on how to get up in the morning. Days off are days where you do deserve a bit of a lie in but I tend to not set an alarm at all and that's when the problem occurs. So set yourself an alarm or plan to do something at 12 so you have no choice but to get up early. I often order a food shop between 10-12 so I physical have to get up to greet the Tesco Man, even if it is in my pjs. Plus getting up knowing there's £40s worth of food is coming to your house, what's better motivation than that 

  • Set goals and time slots to get them done in: make them reasonable but accurate and stick to them. I always like to purchase a super cute diary from Paperchase  to motivate me and get me organised.

  • Cut yourself off from the world: If you have a blog post/essay/home work/ report to do then lock your phone and tv in another room and sit for an hour in a quiet room. I tend not to sit somewhere comfy like a bed because then napping becomes so easy. Sometimes I even leave my laptop locked away as I can so easily be distracted by the Internet and just sit in a quiet room with a pen and a paper and then re type whatever I've finished writing.

  • Inspire yourself. If I'm struggling to blog I either look back on how far I've come or find inspiration in magazines, other blogs or by googling "blog post inspirations". Google is always my best friend. 

  • Reward yourself: I've seen some study techniques where people keep a gummy bear on each page of their book and every page they read they reward themselves with a sweet. Same applies to most things in life if you need to really work hard and get yourself motivated for something then make sure the reward is pretty sweet. I reward myself with clothes or promises that after I've finished a blog post I'll treat myself with a face mask or something super relaxing 

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