Monday, 20 October 2014

Things I would tell my teenage self

  • You might be cocky that you have clear skin now but when you get to 24 you'll get weekly breakouts. Bitch.   

  • Don't be jealous of all the popular girls at school. They get really fat and lumbered with lots of kids

  • Being a grown up is really really hard. Enjoy only working 4 hours a week because soon you'll be working 12 times that many.

  • Uni will be a waste of 4 years but you'll gain confidence and make some cool pals but degrees count for shit.

  • You really look bad with black hair and eyebrow pencil will do you a world of good.

  • You'll spend a couple of years pining after your first love but he's an asshole. There's other men out there but they're mostly assholes too. Being alone's not as scary as you thought. 

  • You're family are pretty cool but don't let them know that though.

  • You'll learn to REALLY love gin

  • You do not rock a bob well

  • Having big boobs aint everything. Its all about the ass anyways

  • Leggings aren't a substitute for trousers. Everyone can see your ass

  • You'll have a lot of shit thrown your way but you'll become really strong

  • Everything is temporary

  • Blue eyeshadow is not a good look hun

  • You don't make it as a singer/actress/model