Style tips

Style is such a personal thing. It's a reflection of your personality and who you are. My style is quite minimalistic. I think that's mostly cause I'm lazy and forgetful. I always forget that I have accessories or other clothes so I always just go with whatever's new and what's lying on my bedroom floor.  
Having a blog has helped me massively discovered what looks good on me and what doesn't. I have an Instagram page: hannahcozensblog which is purely just ootd pictures from this blog. I find it's really useful to go through and see what worked well and what didn't. I'm not by any means a serious fashionista and I'm not going to advise you what to wear and what not to as that would get in the way of everyone's individuality but here are a couple of tips to help discover your own style:

  • Document your style: photograph what you wear. If you're not as egotistical as me. You don't have to post them online but seeing in a photo what suits your body shape and what colours suit you really helps. Sometimes I'll look in the mirror and think my outfits on point and then I'll look in a photo and I'll be like on God that makes my hips look ten times the size they actually are. 

  • Plan: I usually plan my outfits in my head. Never like led out on my bed or anything cause I'm far too unorganised for that but I'll have like a rough idea of things I want to wear and then I'll see how it looks. I'm really not the sort of person who can just wake up in the morning and throw something together that looks fabulous. I have to really think about outfits.

  • Play around: spend a day just shopping and not buying anything. Take a couple of items into a changing room you'd never think to wear. Try new things you'll never know what suits you till you try. Maybe you'll end up wanting to buy something 

  • Staples: Buy wardrobe staples and then work around those. My staples are:
~Black skirt 
~Black top
~White tee
~Oversized coat
~Black leggings
~A pencil skirt
~Something leather (jacket, skirt, trousers)
~An oversized jumper
~Patterned blouse
~A colourful cami
~A pair of black heels
~Black ballet pumps

(Everyone's wardrobe staples are different dependent on their style. These are items I wear a lot and don't mind investing a little more in)

  • Forget about the price tag: 80% of my wardrobe is Primark. The things I get complimented on the most are from Primark. If you root through you can get some really decent pieces. Ebay is equally a bargain hunters dream. Try charity shops, thrift and vintage stores. Buy things that you know will last several seasons and aren't just a fad.

  • Find a style icon. Model yourself on a celebrity or a blogger who has similar fashion tastes to yours or a similar body shape and look at pictures of how they styled things. My three style icons are:

~Kim Kardashian: probably shouldn't admit to that but she rocks a pencil skirt like no one else. Sometimes she gets it so right and sometimes it's a bit meh.

~Nicole Richie: I love that she is so versatile and plays with fashion. One day she's rocking boho, the next 70s chic and then she's laid back rocking a baseball cap and ripped jeans. She's flat chested like moi. Though she's a little shorter than I am.

~Lily Melrose: definitely one of my biggest fashion and blogger inspirations. Always very edgy and daring. She also shares my love of monochrome.

  • Don't try to be something you're not. In the past I've tried to pull things off that are just not me. I've attempted to pull of lots of bright colours because I think I shouldn't always wear monochrome or "dull" colours. But I like dull colours. Bright colours scare me. I think now I've discovered what I like and what suits me 

  • Research: if you're really passionate about dressing well and it doesn't come naturally to you. Read vogue or Look for inspiration. I scroll instagram at night and screen shots looks I like. Take everything with a pinch of salt and at the end of the day dress how you're comfortable. 

  • Always have a sense of humour: I've worn some hideous things and I'm in no way extremely fashionable and I probably shouldn't be dishing out advice but I can laugh at the mistakes I have made and hopefully learn from them. And if others can learn from them too then I've done my job well.