Primark Autumn Haul- Part 2

Rucksack: £9, Slouch bag: £10, Scarf: £5, Pumps: £3, Shirt: £10, Necklace: £2.50, Midi Ring pack: £1.50, Statement ring: £2

It was my staff trip the other day and I went in for Primark for one thing and came out with all this. I couldn't decided between this slouch bag or the rucksack so I bought both intending to take one back but I'm probably going to keep both. I really love rucksacks currently. I took this one to my staff trip and it fit everything I needed in nicely. I quite like tans and browns at the moment. Very autumn shades. I don't really own any white shirts that are nice and not a pain to iron. So I bought this one as its a nice fabric and has a lovely pocket detail. I bought some new plimsole pumps as I needed them for the staff trip. I don't really own sensible shoes/trainers as I never actually do any exercise other than shopping so thought these would come in handy. And then I just finished off with some cheap accessories.

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