So a couple of weeks ago I was asked to try out a new style app, called Styleicona, which launches today.
 As someone who is never without her iPhone in her hand and loves fashion I absolutely jumped at the chance. 
This app is seriously one of my favourite apps at the moment and highly addicted. It's Instagram meets tinder but a fashion twist. 
On Styleicona you get the chance to upload your outfit of the day pics onto your Style Book and they get rated by other users. You can choose to rate other users style pics with either a heart (like) or a minus (dislike) a bit like Tinder. 
You can also save people's styles onto your style book so if you want to collect a collage of looks to try out you can and you can add and invite friends and ask them for style advice if you're feeling a little unsure on your look of the day.
My favourite feature is definitely the Style Book. It's really cool to see all your looks together so you can compare them and see where you've gone right with fashion choices and where you've gone wrong. I'm forever looking back at old outfit choices.

This is an absolute must for any fashion blogger or anyone who appreciated a good OOTD pic. Highly recommended.

Styleicona is free and can be bought from the App Store.

Find out more information about Styleicona here.

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