Shufflehub Review

Anyone who knows me knows two things; I'm notoriously lazy and I love to shop. Over the last week I stumbled across my absolute favourite new site that combines both of these things. 

Shufflehub is a genius new site that means you can shop in the most lazy way possible.
It's a site that you can shop and browse multi brands at the same time without having to have a billion tabs open on your laptop/phone. It features all my favourite brands; topshop, monki, Missguided, new look, Zara (the list goes on and on) and it's so easy to navigate through the site.
On my iphone you can swipe to and forth through pages and on a laptop you literally don't even need to scroll, you can just click arrows and it moves you to where you need to go.

Some of my favourite features are:

~You can pick an item for instance 'coats and jackets' and browse through hundreds of stores for current coats and jackets and you can filter through different styles.

~You can search thousands of shops for a particular item for instance I wanted to search "Over the Knee Boots" it comes up with all items of that nature.

~You can also use a filter option to look through certain brands only and you can of course filter the price to your budget needs. 

~You can also save items instead of just buying them straight away which is always a favourite of mine. I usually keep wishlists worth £1000's cause I like to dream big/

~It has a brilliant feature called 'Window Shop' which is my favourite to use. If you're not feeling particularly inspired. You can shop a variety of items from a variety of brands in a random fashion.

It's genuinely my favourite new site so I was absolutely delighted when the founder of Shufflehub, Josh Eichler-Summers, was kind enough to answer a couple of my questions about Shufflehub:

Could you explain exactly, what is Shufflehub?

We see Shufflehub as a tool for discovery. There are two angles to Shufflehub that both focus on this. 

The first is the Window Shopping feature which let's you browse when you're not sure what you want. Close to every online shopping experience on the web forces you to choose something to see from a drop down menu or to type something into a search box, and we don't think that's the only way to do it. We believe that humans are wonderful at feeling, and sometimes you need a little bit of inspiration to base your feelings on; the Window Shopping / SHUFFLE feature means you can see products you weren't thinking about and let your feelings guide you.

The second is our deep filters. When you do know what you want, we want to make it as easy as possible to for you to see it. Say you're looking for a blue midi-skirt: for us, it seemed crazy that you have to jump from one website to the next to see what's out there. Shufflehub lets you browse all your shops in one place - so our deep category filters and colour function let you have an easier time discovering the product that's right for you.

Where did the idea for Shufflehub come from?

The idea for the 'SHUFFLE' part of Shufflehub came from Stylist Magazine [ - I'm sure you know about it, but just in case - it's a free magazine they hand out on the underground in London every week].

They have a feature called the 'Style List' and it's a random jumble of products displayed across two pages. I used to count how long people would spend looking at that page and they seemed to spend a long time doing it! So I thought it made sense to bring it online. 

What would you say is your favourite brand that features on Shufflehub

Just like I like simple websites, I like simply cut clothes. We have over 2,500 brands on Shufflehub, so there's quite a few to pick from! But my favorite brands are Cos, A.P.C, Acne, and YMC.

What's your favourite feature on Shufflehub?

I have two favourite features on Shufflehub

I really like the Shop Filter. Window Shopping from Zara, Cos, Toast, Reiss, Acne and The Goodhood Store is fun for someone who likes minimal clothing!

My other favourite feature is the colour filter. It's not perfect yet! (We're still a young company.) But all the same, I think it's coooool.

Do you have any future plans for Shufflehub

Yes! We do. I can't talk about all of them, but as well as adding more shops, etc... there is one experience that we think we can improve. It's the tab. Too many people we know end up with 1,472,113 tabs open when they're doing their online shopping! We have an idea for a better way. 

We'd like early users to help us shape this feature so if you (the reader) would like to get involved please email me at

A big thanks to you Hannah.

Discover Shufflehub yourself here

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