September's Favourites

Things I've been loving in September:

Wilko's: Once again I was absolutely loving Wilkos make up selection. Affordable and well worth a purchase

Styleicona: I was asked to try out a new style app which is instagram meets tinder with a fashion twist and became absolutely obsessed.

Kylie Jenner: Currently basing all my make up decisions around her. I'm loving dark lips and I bought the exact same lipstick she uses by MAC

Jeans: Out of no where I decided I like jeans after years of avoiding them

Cupcake: My new favourite face mask from Lush

Shufflehub: A lazy girls guide to online shopping. Easily my new favourite website

Urban Outfitters: A visit to Liverpool made me rediscover my love for the uber trendy shop

Hairtrade: Rediscovered my love for hair extensions and received absolutely to die for extensions

Skin Pep: My new favourite skin care range I found via Glossybox

Slogan Tees: Sent some absolute gorgeous ones from MissRebel and fastly becoming my new favourite autumn staple.