MAC Velvet Teddy Review

You may have seen all over social media/celebrity sites the talk on everybody lips is Kylie Jenner's lips. They seemingly tripled in size over night. Whether that's surgical or just a very good lipstick and liner, who knows but I've certainly admired them.
Then the other day when trawling twitter I saw Gabby asked her followers what lipstick it is Kylie Jenner uses and all her viewers answered Velvet Teddy by MAC so I straight away headed down to my nearest MAC store and bought it.
 I was disappointed when no one mistook me for Kylie but what can you do. It's definitely a perfect Autumn shade its a nice shade between brown and nude. It kind of reminds of the 90s. I was watching Friends series two the other day and Rachel rocks a very similar shade.

Buy yours here.

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