Hairtrade Extensions Review

Extensions: Hairtrade *

I've tried hair extensions before with disastrous results so I was kind of put off ever using them again. That was until this week when Hairtrade kindly sent me a set and I'm now converted.
 The extensions I'd used previously were only partly real human hair so that's possibly why they were such poor quality and I had to sew in the clips myself, and I'm not the best at sewing as my A Level Textiles teacher would have told you. 

Hairtrade however use 100% real human hair which means they can be styled with straighteners or curlers and they can be washed just the same as your normal hair. They can also send you a sample for just £1 so that you can check it matches your hair. I chose not to do that and picked a shade on what I thought looked the closest match to my hair and it was absolutely spot on.

I chose 14 inches as my length as I'm happy with the length of my hair, I just wanted to add a little bit of volume because since going blonde my hair has naturally thinned out a little. They arrived with varying sizes which made it easy to fit in my hair and I could decide to use all of them or just a couple. 
They're extremely reasonably priced as well at £44.99 for a set of full head.

You can buy yours from Hairtrade here

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