August 2014's Reading List

Now I'm off for a week, other than catching up with all my favourite blogs and all my favourite people I am delving into the world of literature much more. Reading more has always been something that's on my resolution lists quite frequently. And lately as I haven't had much to spend on going out cause I'm living off a budget. I've swapped booze for books. 
I'm not really the sort of person that reads books usually. I like book series usually like Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Game of Thrones etc but that's usually after they've been turned into films/tv shows. Much like I dislike romcoms (worst girl ever I know) I equally dislike books about love. 
My current book collection is definitely a little eclectic and says a lot about my personality I think. 

The first is Vogue. Every woman's fashion bible. Vogue is mostly pretty pictures and ads but I quite like that. I find it's quite inspiring when I'm going through a rough patch in my choice of attire. It does have some good articles as well. I can't afford high fashion but I try to keep up with the latest designers etc. I do finding Look magazine is a much easier fashion read if you shop high street like myself. It's kind of the British version of Vogue is it not?

Then I've got a couple of psychology related books. My favourite book as a child was called Killer Women which was a fascinating book about woman serial killers which says an awful lot about me. I get fascinated by strange things like that. I did psychology as a degree because I love how the mind works and how different people are and at the same time so similar. So when browsing the popular science section of WH Smith last week I picked up Paranormality which is an absolutely fascinating book about why people believe the impossible. Which includes ghosts, psychics etc. I used to be addicted to psychics (yeah I know...) and now I'm a slight sceptic but like to still believe a little maybe. So this explains why people believe in mediums and the paranormal. Seriously one of the most interesting books I've ever read and highly interesting. 

Next is The Body Language Bible by Judi James who if you watch Big Brother is frequently featured on there. Body Lanuage to me is so fascinating. I absolutely love the people watch and watch interactions and I use it quite a lot in my job so I picked this up. It's a pretty good guide to Body Language to be fair and I think it's taught me an awful lot. There's also Body Language for Dummies which I'm tempted to purchase.

Then I have The Science of Monsters which is a book that explains the existence and origins of myths/ monsters such as vampires. Very good little read. Recommended by a friend from work.

Finally we have The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins which talks about natural selection and the theory of evolution which again I find extremely fascinating. I borrowed this off a friend like 8 months ago and then never got round to reading this so gave it back. I then bought my own copy and have still yet to get past the first page but I'm absolutely determined to.

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