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So a month ago after I'd been to Liverpool with my best friend and North Wales with the family I got inspired to set myself a little task for the next month. I decided to try and blog every day for a month just to see if I could more than anything. And I managed to keep it going for an entire month. Despite during this working 100 hours over 10 days and then a week off where I was barely near a computer. So its a proud little achievement of mine. I scheduled lots of posts and made sure I'd write a few at a time so for the days I couldn't access a laptop I could still launch a post a day. If I can do it, anyone can.
I tried to keep myself motivated and more importantly do and experience more things to write about. I found reading more books and other blogs really helped. If I'm ever feeling uninspired I have a little list of go to posts until I'm a little more inventive.

 Here's 30 inspiration tips to keep you going:

  1. Room Tour
  2. Visit a new restaurant/bar/city and review it
  3. Whats in my bag
  4. 50 Facts about me
  5. Talk about your favourite bloggers. Share the blog love
  6. Outfit of the day
  7. Review a new beauty product
  8. Buy a beauty box and review the items from that
  9. Share your current playlist of songs you can't get enough of
  10. Share tips about something you know a lot about; life, love, shopping etc.
  11. Share your current reading list or review a new book
  12. Review a new film or talk about your favourite films/tv shows
  13. Find one item in your wardrobe and style it 3 different ways
  14. Talk about a new brand/shop you've found that you can't get enough of
  15. Go shopping and do a haul
  16. Share your budget/saving tips
  17. Reveal your diet tips
  18. Give your blogging advice. Everyone's is different and we've all had different experiences
  19. Have a bit of a rant about something that's been bugging you lately
  20. Write a post about someone's style you're really obsessed with; blogger or celebrity
  21. Share a bucket list of things you want to do before the year is
  22. Feeling poor? Do a wishlist of all the things you want to buy when you are feeling flush again
  23. Share your favourite recipe
  24. Talk about your favourite make up brand 
  25. Share your photography tips
  26. Talk about something you collect a lot of; shoes, handbags, candles
  27. Share your nails of the day
  28. What's your daily make up routine
  29. How do you relax; movies, candles, bubble baths
  30. Write a post about blog post inspiration tips


  1. Great post! I've been having bloggers block lately. But after tidying up my room and workspace I felt so inspired and motivated to just do something lol!! I will definitely try some of these out! Thanks for sharing x



  2. Well done for blogging every day for a month, such a good achievement I'd never be able to stick to it!
    Thanks for sharing this list, I'm sure it will come in handy next time I'm lacking in inspiration



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