So it was my birthday on Saturday and I went home to see my lovely family for a couple of days. On my actual birthday I got the first train in the morning back to Bristol so I could see everyone. Last year I wasn't home for my birthday or Christmas so it was really important to me I was home for this one. The day was spent shopping and then present opening followed by a meal at Las Iguanas and so many cocktails. I even got a birthday one with a candle in. I also had my sister make me a cake which I think is the first time anyones ever made me a birthday cake ever. I was probably more chuffed about that than any presents. 
I didn't really ask for anything as most things I want I usually just buy myself so I genuinely more excited to see my family, but some presents help I guess. It was mostly homeware related because I've got obsessed with homeware lately, I know I'm really showing my age. And I also got a top from Monki, my favourite brand ever. So all in all very successful. 
Off out tonight for birthday celebrations part deux with my friends. We're having an adults style birthday party but with alcohol... should be interesting.