August Favourites

Things I've been loving in August;

~Birthdays: It was both mine and my nephews birthday in August so I went home for a couple of days and have the loveliest time.

~Being blonde: I went back to being blonde over my time at home after lusting over being blonde again for months. You can find my tips for being blonde here.

~Primark: Primark has always been a bit of a favourite of mine. I'm all about buying clothes at a budget price. Most people I know say they can never find anything in there but if you hunt you can find anything. Find my hauls here and here.

~Reading: I made a non-resolution resolution at the end of last year to read more and this month I finally began to read more. I've still yet to finish any of the books I'm reading but I am over half way through at least two of them. And I'm genuinely enjoying them. I sometimes have difficulties switching off before bed so I've putting my phone and all social media away and reading instead. My reading list is here.

~Pastels: I'm always a sucker for home ware but lately I'm all about the pastels. I've found some of the cutest pastel things for the home. Find them here and here.

~Blog Loving: I'm all about discovering new blogs at the moment and I set myself the challenge of posting every single day for one month.

~Listening to: Quite the eccletic music taste this month and I've been channelling the old school tunes as well. This week I've been listening to Ciara- Goodies because I'm so 2004.

~Watching: I watched The Killing Series 1 & 2 non-stop and then I've been all about old school films. I've been making the most of Sky Movies and probably watching one film a day. I highly recommend Saving Mr Banks. I'm really not into Tom Hanks usually but it was such a good film. On a side note I also watched Beyonce's VMA performance and cried. Both times I watched it.


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