OOTD 16/7/14

Top: Monki
Skirt: Topshop
Necklace: River Island

Back to monochrome today. Brightening my bland outfit up with some red lips courtesy of MAC (M.A.C. Red). Off again today and just having an absolutely relaxed day. I don't know what occured last night but I woke up today and felt like the best I'd slept in weeks. So feeling refreshed today.
Currently obsessed with Sia Chandelier and the video which has Maddie Zielger from Dance Moms in it. Its absolutely haunting and I've probably watched it about 10 times today alone. I've been getting into Youtube lately, about 6 years too late I know but I find watching videos before bed is quite soothing, I watch the usual Youtubers like Zoella etc and I watch like asapSCIENCE and I'm obsessed with Honest Trailers as well. All things I would highly recommend if you're bored with nothing to do for a couple of hours.

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