July Wishlist

Haven't done a wishlist in quite a while but there's just a couple of items that have been haunting me this week. As my birthday is coming up, slightly hoping friends/ family will see this and treat me. Wishful thinking

1. Ice Cream Case - Skinny Dip London: Just like good friends iPhone 5c cases are hard to come by, and trust me I've been looking for a while. This one from Skinny Dip London is absolutely perfect for summer. 

2. Vintage Inspired Chandelier Drop Earrings- Karmisa: I'm trying to wear more earrings these days as I just forget I even have my ears pierced. I kicked up such a fuss when I was 14 to have them done and now I don't even bother pretty much like my belly button piercing. These earrings from Karmisa are absolutely gorgeous and feature colours that compliment clothes/ jewellery I wear regularly so I think they are the perfect edition. They're an up and coming online jewellery store with some really lovely pieces. I'd definitely recommend taking a little look on their site. You can also get 10% off currently using the code: KHC10 when you check out.

3.Aleah Co-ord- Pretty Little Thing: I'm usually style over trend but Co-ords have recently caught my eye and they're the perfect wardrobe edition for the summer. When going through my wardrobe this week I realised I don't have actually anything summery or anything to wear whilst its hot so I'm feeling this would be a welcomed edition. 

4.Uttara High Waisted Cigarette Trousers- Missguided: Promise myself nearly every wishlist that I will buy a pair of cigarette trousers and then never get round to it. I just think they're a perfect wardrobe staple and flatter most figures so its a must. They have them in so many cute colours on Missguided currently as well. As I'm bland I'm probably go for the peach so as not to stand out too much. 

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