Just Hannah

Buh-bye Chester gal. I've finally just decided after months of not being able to decide what I should call my blog and whether I should keep it as Chester gal, even though I really hate it. I should just call it the only name that really comes natural to me. My actual birth name. I don't particularly like my birth name either but its the only name I have.
 I'm really boring I know, but that's just me. Even when it comes to making email addresses or login names for eBay etc I always just use my name. I'm not one of those girls that can just create a cool name at the drop of a hat and apparently I can't even think of one after 2 years. I'm not very creative in that sense.
I once had an email address called princess_butterfly. This demonstrates just how cringe i can be when left to my own devices. 
So for now Hannah Cozens will just have to do.

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