How to live on a budget: how to stop hauling

I'm Hannah. And I'm a shopaholic. The budget life is killing me but so far I'm coping. Being a fashion blogger on a budget is definitely tough and resisting buying a whole new wardrobe with my savings is proving tough but some tips I've found really help are:

~Scare yourself: I looked through my bank statements and saw how much I spend in clothes shops and it's ridiculous and yet I still feel like I have nothing to wear. It really puts into perspective how much you spend on clothes/beauty.

~Give yourself a realistic budget: Write down your incomings and outgoings and see if you can firstly cut down on anything. Then budget how much you have each week to treat yourself with (if you have any at all) and stick to it.

~Carry cold hard cash: I'm like the queen, I don't carry cash. Recently though I've been withdrawing my budget for the week and leaving my cards at home. Having cash in your hands makes it much more real so when you're handing it over you feel much more guilty. I'm sure there's some science behind this but whatever is happening it's definitely been working 

~Don't go to shops: cut yourself off at the source. Don't go to any shops. Don't go online. I used to walk through town to work but now I walk around it, though I have to still pass some shops. I avoid topshop and I walk behind Zara so I don't see it. The only thing that makes it hard is reading blogs or going on Instagram so I try to not have my phone on me constantly. If I'm watching tv downstairs I will leave my phone upstairs and if I'm upstairs I will leave it under a pillow. It also kind of helps you disconnect from social media which is a very good thing. 

~If you really HAVE to buy clothes: there is no way in hell I will be able to go 2 months without buying anything new. So there are a couple of things you can try. Try eBay. I sell old clothes and then replace them with others. You don't have to always buy second hand things on there. Best Look sells items that are currently selling in Topshop etc but at a decent price. They are usually factory seconds with the labels taken out and a fraction of the price
Depop is my new current love. It's eBay meets Instagram but with an ASOS marketplace edge. It's much cheaper than eBay to post clothes and easier to navigate. Not only can you find cheap clothes you can also discover small independent shops. 

~Raid your own wardrobe: I find when I'm clearing out my wardrobe to sell things on eBay I suddenly discover clothes I completely forgot I ever owned and a lot of things still with the labels on. If you're not ready to part ways with them find new ways to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe. Set yourself a week to wear them at some point, if you don't then sell them. 

~Charity shops: I don't know but people are almost ashamed to shop in charity shops. I kind of have a fear of them since when I was at school if you were seen in one you were considered a 'scrub' and bullied for weeks on end. But they are great sources to find cheap clothes. Sometimes you do have to sift through them but you can find some decent things. I once found a H&M jumper that was still in store for half the price. Bigger cities tend to have better clothes than small town ones. Also if you can't be bothered with the hassle of eBay or depop. Send all your old clothes to a charity shop. You won't get paid but I'm sure you'll get some good karma along the way.

~Invest in accessories: If you cant buy yourself a whole new wardrobe just treat yourself to something small. A new bracelet, a new scarf or a head band. You'd be surprised how much a new accessory can brighten your day.