How to live on a budget: How to save

I am currently in the midst of going from being paid weekly to being paid monthly. As a result I'm having to go 2 whole months without an income. Just my own very appalling savings. 
My first thought was how am I going to be able to blog without an income. Most of my blogging revolves around hauls and wearing lovely clothesf. I got very sad about the prospect of not having any new threads for 2 months. Then I decided to blog about my experiences of saving and living on a budget. Something completely out of my comfort zone. 

Firstly we'll discuss how I'm saving. I opened an ISA about 2 years ago with the intentions to save. Great way to save money... Unless you have a banking app on your phone in which you can transfer money willy nilly back and forth.
So I went for the old fashioned way for this recent attempt to save. I bought a piggy bank. I decided to get one of those piggy banks you can only open by breaking. I previously had the tin ones but I found I could get access to a tin opener far too easy. My first adventure buying one of these piggy banks left me breaking one in the middle of Clintons. I can never go back in there now. So I went to tesco and bought one instead. The one below was £8.

 And yes it's completely cringe and the sight of it is making me want to break it.
There's definitely a gap in the market for these sort of piggy banks that are actually attractive. When I'm rich again, I'll start a business up. So far I'm finding its actually helping me save and I've resisted the urge to break it open. I have no idea how much I've actually put in there, I should have really kept track but so far its literally just been pennies so we shall see.