Hair Inspiration: Honey Blonde

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It's no secret that I've been blonde before and its something I often toy with. I recently signed up for this offer with Head Masters in Chester where you get 3 appointments at their salon for £50 one of which includes a colour either full head or highlights. And my current feeling is to go back blonde. I've been recently falling in love with the idea of being honey blonde. I'd have to do it sensibly though because the last time I was blonde nearly the entirety of hair died and either fell out or had to be cut off which resulted me having a bob. I hate short hair on me so I think I will only go blonde if my hairdresser assures me I won't go bald. It's definitely I'm going to be considering over the next few weeks. 
I am also considering getting my first tattoo when I can afford it. I kind of just want to start getting out there and doing all the things that I've always said I wanted to do but have never done. I'm feeling inspired.


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