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I've been blogging now for a good 2-3 years (on and off) and I've learnt a lot along the way and still am learning so I thought I'd share a couple of my tips and most helpful things I've learned along the way.

Be Organised: Organisation is the biggest thing in blogging, in my eyes. There's something in psychology called left brain and right brain where basically one side of your brain is in charge of organisation, math, logic etc (left brain) and the other side is in charge of your creativity, music, art etc (right brain). I'm so right brain I can't even cope, I have to force myself to be left brain and be organised or else everything in my life falls to pieces. Although blogging uses so much right brain and it's great to be creative and spontaneous, you just can't when your full time job consumes most of your life. You need some organisation.

Constantly look for content: Buy new products, wear new clothes, go through old clothes. Read other blogs to inspire you, keep updated with current events. Reading other blogs if you're looking to try new products. For me I prefer to be a lifestyle/fashion/beauty blogger rather than just focusing on one thing. Also find new brands/blogs via Instagram, Pintrest, Twitter or Bloglovin.

Write about what your passionate about: Don't write about something because you think you should or you think it's cool. Or don't write about products you dislike purely because you've been approached by a brand. You can tell from a post if someone's hearts not in it.

Schedule posts: The hardest posts for me to do are OOTD which is why they are so far and few between. You have to ensure lightings right, that you have the time to take ten or so photos. That it's not 8am and your looking ridiculously rough. And sometimes I'm just not feeling up for being in front of the camera. I also don't like to schedule ootd posts. It's not authentic. I know some bloggers do and there's no harm in it, it's just not for me. Where possible if I take the photo in the morning, I'll have it up by the evening. Or if I'm off out I will take the pictures in the evening and then post the outfit pictures the day after.
The easiest posts I can write for me are any that are purely word form but only if I'm feeling it and if its something I'm passionate about. So many times I've looked back through my blog and I've been like why have you posted that, you were clearly not motivated to. Beauty reviews are also quite easy to write. Some bloggers have a schedule where they blog about certain topics on certain days, with my job and my schedule its just not possible. I just organise my week as it goes. It's all about just finding what is right for you.

Keep your self motivated: Constantly be thinking of new posts. Keep a note pad on you or write ideas in your phone. Though you can't always be motivated as sometimes life happens, so if your not feeling it, don't write anything at all. No one will judge you. It's better to do something full on than half heartedly. 
I find annoyingly I think of the best posts when I'm drifting off to sleep. I will write a whole post but I've learnt not to post them straight away because sometimes when I'm tired I'll get extremely honest and write things that perhaps when I'm fully rested I might not want to write about. Also NEVER write a post drunk. You'd think this would be an obvious one, but I've done it and then woke up with 'Beer Fear' and had to take a post or two down. Where possible I try not to have my phone on me now when drunk. 

Don't let the bastards get you down: don't ever let anyone discourage you. Especially not yourself. I'm sometimes my own biggest critic but you just have to not worry and do you. Also not everyone is going to like what you do or write. Life would be extremely boring if we were all in agreement. Don't focus on the people with negative things to say, focus on all the positives.
 A lot of people don't understand blogging. One of my pals from work once said "I don't understand blogging, why would you want to write about your feelings online". If I wrote about every emotion I had on via the internet I along with most other women would probably be sectioned.
 I also try not to write about anything really personal on any social network site let alone blogging. I can think of only one occasion when I did and that was because for me it was a form of therapy and something I just really wanted to write about. If I've ever wrote about a person I make sure they know I've wrote it because it's only common decency. 

Don't worry about followers or stats: Some days you'll get lots of views, some days you won't get any. If I can avoid it, I just don't even bother looking because I don't think its very motivating. It can be extremely disheartening when you do a post that you think is is amazing and then it gets no views or comments you can get discouraged. DON'T. Keep at it. 

Don't try to be anything else but you: don't try to be exactly like every other blogger just because you think you should. Whether that's your style of writing, the posts you create or the layout and design of your blog. By all means be inspired by them but don't try to imitate anyone. Be yourself. This applies to all aspects of life I think.

Don't worry about photography/ web design: I am not a computer whizz at all and I'm no photographer. I'm basic but I'm trying to learn as I go along. Don't let it bother you. I don't know how to use photoshop or anything, I edit my images with Pixlr and even then I only crop it and every now and again I add a filter if the colour doesn't turn out how I wanted. My design is just a simple one literally called "Simple" powered by Blogger. There are some out there where you can buy html codes and you can get some really lovely blog designs. 

Be your own biggest fan: Promote yourself. Don't over do it cause seeing tweets every 5 minutes can be irritating but be proud of your content and find other bloggers who you can share links with. People won't discover you by accidentally stumbling upon you. It's also a great way to find other blogs. Use hashtags on twitter or instagram and search hashtags to find other blogs or even new clothing stores.

Always keep at it: I've been blogging for 2-3 years now and many times I've thought about giving up for one reason or another but I'm so glad I've stuck it out. I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever posted because at the time it's felt right and watching the fashion disasters is a great way to learn from your mistakes. 

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