Travel essentials

So I'm setting off for London today. I thought I'd write a post about all the things I think are absolutely essential for travelling. 

Organisation: The first thing is to be organised. I write a list of all the things I'm going to need, like a week prior because I have the worst memory and I can't rely on myself to remember anything, I usual write a list and then set myself reminders to make sure I actually do them. I also keep a copy of an train/coach/flight details either on my phone or a printed copy and turn up to the station half an hour before just in case.

Plan outfits: I have to plan outfits other wise things like this happen. I can't just wake up and spontaneously put outfit together and this is the same with when I go away. I check the weather for the place intended like any normal OCD person but I also plan for any disasters and always bring a spare outfit, especially if I plan on wearing white, I will ALWAYS spill something or sweat through my clothes. And I always pack a pair or heels, boots and flats and at least one going outfit even if I don't plan to go out, just in case.

Miniatures: I went a little OTT when buying things to take with me to London. When I see things in travel size someone else takes over. There's just something about buying your normal beauty products for the same price but in a smaller package that gets me all excited. 

I bought all these from Primark for a pound each and at the same time I bought these travel bottles 
which are genius. You just fill them up with your usual shampoo/conditioners/body washes/moisturisers so you don't have to travel with large bottles and the risk of them bursting all over your bag

Entertainment: I have a short attention span and a phone with terrible reception so I make sure I have things to me entertained whilst travelling on long journeys. I keep an array of magazines. My journal/notepad just in case I want to jot any thoughts down and I always keep my Filofax on me just in case I want to organise my life. I also make sure my phone as new tunes on it and will probably make a specific playlist for that journey.

Cool, so now I've spent enough time ensuring everyone knows what an absolute organisational freak I am. I off to London.

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