OOTD 7/5/14

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Primark
Shoes: New Look

Green tea, cats and blogging kind of day. Went for lunch with the girls earlier and went shopping but I'm on a spending ban as I need to save a lot of money over the upcoming weeks/months and London's left me poor. I've never really saved more than like £100 so literally no idea how I am going to cope. Today I went to buy one of those money jars that you have to break to get your money out and I smashed it all over the shop and had to flee from embarrassment especially after I tried to pick the bits I smashed and then smashed those bits. Horrible. Also feeling like things are very clear now after a confusing couple of days. Clarity is good. Boys are not. 


  1. I bet you'll never go in there ever again! Or ever forget!
    I love the skirt your wearing, it it an old Primark skirt or is there just no link cos its not online? I think it looks really expensive. I think I'd wear it with a lot of colour.

    1. I'm definitely going to be avoiding there for a very long time! Primark don't have a website sadly but it's still in store, they have it in a pencil skirt too :)

  2. Gorgeous skirt, I may just have to go and hunt it out :)x


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