Social Networking

There's a video going around on Facebook about how bad social networking is and how technology as ruined the way we communicate. First when I saw it I deleted all the social networking apps off of my phone and I was like yep I'm done with it all cause I felt all inspired. But then after 10 minutes of silence, I thought, is social networking all bad? 

I think like most things social networking isn't bad, people are bad. Well not bad, they have no self control. So long as you don't spend every waking hour on there and you don't use it for negative reasons then it does no harm and actually causes good.

I've established a relationship and a couple of friendships through facebook. Relationships and friendships that without facebook, I would have never met or been able to contact. And as a shy gal, sometimes walking up to a boy and being like "hey wanna date" is daunting but asking "hey how are you" over chat, is much less frightening. 

I keep in touch with friends I would never keep in contact with if left to my own accord. I'm absolutely rubbish at texting back. I just looked on my phone and saw a text from 4 days ago I never replied to. As well as that it helps me keep track of birthdays. I would never remember everyone's birthdays without little reminders. I have a diary and I still forgot my Nannys birthday this year. I only remembered because of facebook. I'm a horrible person, I am aware.

It's also a great way to look back on your life. I frequently look through pictures to have a little look back. I really doubt I would have those pictures without social networking sites. I do have real life pictures too but I have a tendency to destroy those when I'm upset and I rarely pull out my photo album. However I've never deleted a picture off of Facebook and Instagram. I just choose not to look on occasion as I like to have the memories there. When I'm old and grey they will still be there. Any real life photo albums may be destroyed in rage or lost. Facebook will be there forever (probably). 
The video also states that social networking takes away emotion. I don't know who they have as friends but I constantly see people put things like "I'm so depressed" "so angry" and lots of ambiguous statuses about "some people" that were all guilty of.
 I think there needs to be less emotion. Facebook and twitter is not therapy. Go vent to your friends or shush. Again I think it's about what you use social networking sites for. I use social networks to display my comedic charms and I usually like other funny statuses. I think that's a productive way.

As for technology ruining childhoods. If you choose as a parent rather to stick an iPad in front of your kid instead of spending time with them or doing something productive then you're an idiot. My sister makes sure weekly her and my nephew do something. Last week they had a painting class and the week before they baked cakes. He also does not own a tablet of any sort. But again they can be good with moderation. There are books on there and educational games. 

Social networking is how I've found so many bloggers. It's how I found out about blogging. And a large portion of the views I get, in fact probably 90% come from social networking sites.

It's obviously not all good there are dangers, for instance I have met several weirdos through facebook. One who was a compulsive liar who I befriended until a girl I thought was his ex girlfriend messaged me saying he had been telling her I was his girlfriend. Turns out she wasn't his ex and she'd never actually met him, he was just a weird fantasist. He ended up going to my uni and because I had found out prior (through social networking) I never befriended him though he was friends with people I knew. Another created a fake profile with my pictures pretending I was his girlfriend. At least there's some people out there who want me to he their girlfriend, right? But like anything there's good and bad and you really shouldn't add or accept people you don't know. You should never share your addresses or telephone numbers. I put my number on there once and got plagued with cock pictures for 6 months till I changed my number. Still to this day I have no idea who was my mysterious admirer. 
I have re-installed all my apps btw but I'm just going to maybe re-evaluate how often I use them and how I use them.