OOTD 22/4/14

Dress: Bank
Boots: Primark 

Today marks two things. It's officially a year since I moved into my current house. Before I moved into my house I was a student for 4 years (yes 4, all the cool kids do 4 years). I moved out when I was 18, like literally 18 for a week and then I left which sounds so young now. But this has now been the longest I've been in any house. Which is quite lovely. I feel really settled here. I finally feel after a very long time like I have a home.
 It also marks a year since my cats were born. I got them in May last year but they were in fact born on today. I spent the day buying and building new furniture and furnishings for my bedroom, and they spent it destroying/ climbing them. They are currently attacking the rug I bought as we speak....
Redoing my room meant throwing out lots of crap which is my favourite kind of therapy. I love to redo and tidy my room. It's like shedding a new skin or something. Cleansing. You can see the finished product tomorrow once I've put together my new bed. Until then enjoy the pictures of me posing, and this one of me and my favourites.


  1. so cute!!


  2. Gorgeous outfit! I love that dress! x



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