Lush Sea Spray

Necklace, Scarf and Lipstick: Topshop
Pencil holder: Paperchase
Sea Spray: Lush

I seem to do a haul pretty much weekly now. A sign I should probably stop spending. I bought this cute little pencil holder from Paperchase as I thought it was quite sweet for brushes or the kazillion pens I have lying about my room. When I re-do my room I want more organisation and more storagey type things. I thought this was a nice little start. I also bought this bird necklace and scarf from Topshop. I have the Topshop app on my phone and its one of my favourite high street store apps as when you add things to the basket they actually stay in there. And I use this as a sort of wishlist and every now and again I treat myself to something from that basket. This scarf was one of them and then the necklace was something similar to something I wanted from Topshop ages ago but it sold out. I don't really own too much jewellery so I want to expand that because I tend to re-wear the same things. I also bought a Topshop lipstick in whimsical after reading a post by Lily Melrose as its one of her go to lipsticks and I probably own every other shade Topshop do but this one. I also went to Lush for the first time ever today. I usually avoid it because I don't own a bath and the scent the shop gives off scares me sometimes. But I saw somebody on instagram had bought the Sea Spray from there and I've always like the idea of Sea Salt Spray's. I like textured messy/just got out of bed looks. The smell of it is so beautiful and I love the texture of my hair. I curled my hair with my straighteners and then sprayed it all over and teased my roots to gain texture. I can tell my hair is going to be an afro when I wake up in the morning but it gave the desired effect. I should probably try out more hair products and be a little more adventurous as I basically just use heat protection and hair spray. And I think the hairspray is like Tesco's own. BAD BLOGGER. Tried out my two new beauty products I bought today when I went to Porta for dinner, as you can see below. 

Lipstick: Whimsical by Topshop


  1. Paperchase have some uber cute stationary in, love the holder. Ideal for makeup brushes etc! I've been wanting to purchase Whimsical for ages now, a really gorgeous shade xx

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  2. Lovely additions. Really like the lipstick - the shade looks beautiful on you! x


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