Lipstick Collection-MAC

1. Chilli 2. Chatterbox 3. Peach Blossom 4. Ruby Woo 5. Sweetbits 6. MAC Red

I have a vast lipstick collection that is forever growing. I find that whenever I pop into town I just pick a new one up. My absolute favourite lipstick brand is MAC. They are quite expensive but they last for ages and they are just such good quality that I don't mind spending that bit more. I own 6 MAC lipsticks currently, my favourite and most used is probably Ruby Woo, its also Rihanna's favourite shade which is why when she did her collection she name one Ri-Ri Woo. My favourite day shade is Peach Blossom, which is a new addition. Sweet bits is one that I wore for fancy dress once and never really again as its not really a shade you can wear daily. It's slightly drag queen. Chatterbox is one of my favourite pink lipsticks I own and I am loving pink currently and MAC Red is a shade I bought when I lost my Ruby Woo and was trying to replace it without having to buy a new one for when I'm inevitably found it again, which I did. And Chilli is a lovely dark red that I wore a lot over winter, it compliments make up with brown tones.

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