How I started blogging

I began really blogging when I saw a girl I didn't like had a blog and I thought, I can do better than that betch. But really I've been writing since I can remember. I always loved to write when I was younger. I spent my childhood writing novels, creating my own magazines, writing song lyrics and I also kept several diaries. Out of all those I only ever kept up writing a diary into adulthood. I've never really had a talent or something I'm really passionate about but I always like to write about me. Because I'm my own favourite subject. It's easy, I don't have to be imaginative, I can just talk. And whenever I tried to write novels I gave up half way through because I have the shortest attention span.
I also used to write MySpace post things when I was 16 but sadly I deleted them when I turned 18 because I thought I was cool and MySpace was lame and I wish I had them to sit and laugh at. Bearing in mind my MySpace name was MushieMushie and I was part of a gang called the Cherry Girls. Cringe-a-thon right there.
When I came to writing my blog for the first time I wanted to write posts but then not publish them because I used to be extremely worried about what people would think about me. Was I cool? Was I funny? What if people think it's gay that I pose and take pictures of my outfits. So I wrote like 3 blogs and then again sadly deleted them because I got too scared. I had one which was a lifestyle one and one which was a fashion one and then when I emerged myself in the blogging world I discovered these awesome bloggers that were lifestyle,fashion AND beauty bloggers. I'm not a beauty guru and I'm not fashion icon but they both interest me so I began reading and researching both and I think you can see vast improvements with my hair, make up and wardrobe since I first began... I think...
 I started this and initially named it '...' Because I couldn't think of anything imaginative. I do consider naming it something other than Chester Gal because that was supposed to a temporary name whilst I thought of something better, but I still haven't. I wish I had a nickname or a cooler name than Hannah. 
And when I first started this I still got nervous daily that people would make fun of it and again I questioned myself. And then just after my relationship ended in January I started to gain this confidence and this fuck it attitude in every aspect of my life and all my anxiety just started to disappear. I stopped worrying about other people and I just started to enjoy it. And now it's a joy to blog and I don't worry if people think I'm cool cause I know I'm not. I don't worry if people think I'm funny because I'm really not and yeah it probably is a little bit gay posing and take pictures of myself but I quite like that. 
I encourage everyone reading this to go out and blog. So many of my friends say "I'd love to start a blog". Just do it. Don't worry about anyone or anything else. Never be discouraged. Everyone should have their own little outlet where they can post what they want. Bit like twitter but with more than 140 characters. Plus I like to be super nosey and read other peoples blogs, so the more out there the better.