Beauty do's and dont's

I love to look down memory lane. Recently I've been looking back and my facebook pictures and looking at the god awful ways I used to do my make up/hair. As it's best to learn from others mistakes I thought I would share some of them with you.

Don't wear blue eyeshadow: If you wear a colour, don't do it all over the lid. Blend it in with several other colours. This is when palettes come in handy as they tend to have colours that blend well together 

Do find out what shades suit your eyes: Purples, golds, browns and pinks are my go to. But never ever all over the lid. If I use a pink I tend to use that in the corner of my eyes and then browns and beiges in the creases. 

Do make sure your eyelashes are glued on: Wow.

Do apply your glue correctly: Firstly give the glue time to start drying before placing your false lashes on your lids. Also you can just apply to glue straight to your lash line rather than on the false lashes, it gives it more accuracy and precision.

Don't draw your eyebrows on with a crayon: Scouse brow is a no no. A couple of months ago I switched to colouring my brows in with a brown eyeshadow shade from Topshop palette Aurora. I then use a tilted brush and then Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown to keep them in shape. Much more natural looking.

Don't wear fake tan: I gave up my fake tan addiction a couple of months ago after too many patchy OOTD pics. I now only take the occasional sunbed (with plenty SPF) to keep my glow. I am aware how bad they are for you so I'm trying to find an alternative. I need to do an investigation into fake tans that last long and don't make you look orange. Does such a thing exist? 

Don't wear extensions: Firstly don't dye your hair so much it all falls out. And extensions rarely look natural unless you pay several thousands. Just wait for it to grow

And yeah don't dye your hair so much it all falls out and looks like candy floss...

Don't straighten your hair: This is one for just me. I need to accept my hair is naturally curly. If I straighten it, within an hour it has kinks. And I can't go out in the rain. It's horrific. 

Don't get a fringe: Well if you don't suit one anyway. I had one most of my life and I've only just learned I look a billions times better without one. My hairs quite thin and if I have a fringe it separates too quickly and just looks awful

Don't dye your hair black: This entire look is just awful

Don't crimp your hair: The 80s called and they want their hair back

Don't do this hairstyle: Like seriously what is this..

DO laugh at yourself always and learn from your hideous mistakes.

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