OOTD 31/3/14

Trouser and shoes: H&M

I didn't believe my dad when he told me that my baby nephew is cesspit for disease but since I've come back from visiting him 2 weeks ago I've gathered every illness under the sun which has left me with very little energy. I've also been completing my management training which is so exhausting so my days have mostly been spent wearing My Little Pony pj's and doing drug store hauls that only consist of flu medicine. I'm so excited to get back to full health again.
 This top is one that I bought 3 months ago wore once and then lost. I was devastated as it was one of my faves and I very nearly bought a new one but then last week it miraculously appeared again. Love it when things like that happen. 
My best friend moved in last week which has been so nice having someone in the house again. I did dread sharing my space with someone else again but I've loved having someone to come home to again. I'm currently in the process of re-doing my wardrobe again and putting some things I no longer wear on eBay and I'm considering buying all new furniture for my bedroom cause its driving me crazy that nothing really matches at the moment and a lot of it is Beech. I hate Beech. Give me nice white furniture please.

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