J'habite a Clevedon

So I'm back home for the night making a much needed visit to see all the family. I'm from a very sleepy little seaside Victorian town in the South West called Clevedon. It's near Bristol and the beach looks out onto Newport. Broadchurch was filmed here as was some Keira Knighley film. Our cinema has the longest running cinema in the world... and that's about it other than one minuscule New Look, loads of charity shops and a couple of pubs. That's why when I turned 18, I moved a week after to University so I could escape.

 I didn't even particularly want to go to Uni. I had never thought about it till I was in my second year at Sixth Form and it was suddenly like shoved down my throat. We went to go visit Cardiff uni and I had no actual desire until I realised that I could move away from home without having to rush out and get a job. I chose Chester because at the time my boyfriend and the guy I definitely thought I'd have my babies with went to Chester University but on the Warrington campus so I chose to move closer to him. A week after I got accepted he dumped me. Story of my life.

 I had the choice to stay at home and live with all the memories or I could put all my energy into trying to pass my exams and get into Uni and that's what I did. I could have gone into clearing admittedly but when I saw Chester I fell in love and I knew I was destined to live there. So I did. And after Uni I stayed and got a job because I couldn't bear the thought out of going back to that sleepy little town. As lovely as it is. It's perfect for retirement or starting a family but I am no where near either of those things.

I'm back again tomorrow but not before visiting Glastonbury and Wells. We were supposed to go today but ran into Car troubles and just ended up visiting Portishead instead (and eating a lot of Italian food). There will probably be copious amounts of photo posts coming soon. So watch this space.


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