Catch Up Snaps.16

The last few weeks have been lovely. Been doing up the house, had a couple of girls night, the other day had all the girls round and my pal brought her little baby girl and we all gushed over her whilst I made lunch. Then I went home shopping with my pal Jo.
Any one who knows me knows I have two beautiful cats that I'm obsessed with; Mowgli and Baloo. This week they went in to be castrated. Baloos temperature was too high so they didn't want to risk an operation, so only Mowgli had the procedure. When he was back home, he ripped a stitch and started bleeding and collapsing so he got rushed back in over night and now he's been wearing a very unattractive, but very amusing cone. He keeps bumping into everything. I feel so bad for laughing. 
I definitely recommend getting your boy cat done because they've both come back so needy and they no longer spray on everything so I don't have to live in fear of cat pee. 
Other than that feeling very content and like everything's coming together at the moment which is a very nice feeling to have. Hopefully will squeeze a trip home soon as I miss my little nephew so much.