50 More Facts About Me

About this time last year I did a post about 50 facts about me which can be found here. When re-reading it it's so bizarre how much difference a year makes and after reminiscing through it I thought I would do 50 more facts about myself as I think quite a lots changed over the last year:

1. I can do roly polys better backwards than I can forward

2. Hendricks and Jack Daniels are my favourite alcoholic drinks

3. I was once was part of a gang called The Brooklyn Walk Crew

4. I used to be blonde. I dyed it so much that my hair nearly all fell out.

5. Green tea is my absolute favourite. With either honey or lemon.

6. I have two cats; Mowgli and Baloo. They are my best pals and literally follow me around the house all day and give me zero privacy.

7. I collect perfume bottles

8. My current favourite tv shows are: Girls, Game of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine Nine and Fashion Police. I'm also obsessed with watching Will and Grace and Buffy The Vampire Slayer re-runs.

9. London is my happy place and the dream is to move their in the next few years.

10. I have an OCD where I don't like to drink out of glasses, I would much rather drink out of a bottle or even a mug. Really odd.

11. I work at the 7th best restaurant in the UK.

12. I hate jeans and I really don't like denim as a fabric.

13. I haven't left the UK in about 5 years. I need a holiday

14. If I could change one thing about my body it would be my ears. I hate wearing my hair back because of it. Or my eyelashes as I have the shortest eyelashes in the world

15. I don't really like junk food. I tend to eat quite healthy, I love vegetables like nothing else my only vices are the occasional take away when I'm hungover and cheese. I love cheese

16. The most expensive item of clothing I've ever bought is my fur coat from Miss Selfridge or my Pink coat also from Miss Selfridge (both £50)

17. My current favourite shops are Zara, Monki, Topshop and ASOS

18. I'm a closet geek. I follow SciencePorn on twitter that I read daily and I love ASAPScience on Youtube, I was up till 2am watching their videos the other night.

19. I hate chick flicks, I hate romcoms. My favourite films are thrillers, horrors or fantasy films. I'm really not a fan of Disney films either. Though I love DisneyLand

20. I used to have a stutter and be extremely nervous now my entire job is to be extremely confident every day and I owe all my confidence to my beginnings as a waitress when I was 16.

21. I get anxiety about being late for things so I always make sure I'm 20 minutes early at least. If I have a train to catch I leave about 30 minutes before hand, even though I live right next to the train station.

22. Next month my best friend moves into my house and I'm super excited

23. Independent Women part 1 and Survivor are my ultimate anthems.

24. I wish I was Beyonce

25. I'm a complete homebody and I don't ever see myself travelling the world, even the thought of it completely exhausts me.

26. Though I do like to travel on trains

27. My favourite thing to wear is my Polar Onesie from Topshop

28. I hate watching the same film more than once

29. I have the biggest feet ever (size 8) so flats or pointed shoes are a huge no no. Also one of my feet is a bit smaller (I think it's a 7 1/2 so finding shoes that don't fall off when I walk is near impossible. 

30. My favourite colour is blue

31. My favourite flower is an orchid.

32. My top 3 favourite cheeses are: Halloumi, Goats Cheese and Red Leicester 

33. I was almost called Stella

34. My favourite beauty brands are MAC, Benefit and Boujois. I also really love any make up by Topshop

35. My guilty pleasure is reality shows like TOWIE, MIC and anything Kardashian based. 

36. My favourite blogs currently are Llymlrs, Zoella, Polway, Tanya Burr and Beauty Tool Kit

37. The only thing I ever wanted to be when I grew up was a mum

38. The biggest thing I've learned in my life is not to care what people think. Some people are gonna love you, some people are gonna hate you. Get over it and just be a person than you like and not care about anyone else.

39. I like reading other peoples blogs cause I'm ridiculously nosey. I must know everything. 

40. My dream job now is to be a stylist/ interior designer or just to own my own clothes shop. But so long as I'm successful I don't really care what I do

41. I'm a bit of a feminist. If I'm carrying heavy objects at work and a guy offers to carry it for me I refuse and I don't believe in the whole 'ladies first' thing. And if a guy/builder/ group of guys shouts anything lewd at me in the street I will go over and explain how rude they are being.

42. I'm 5'8

43. I used to be part of a Drama Society at University where I once got a lead in a musical. Though I'm not really that good at singing.

44. I didn't learn to swim or ride a bike till I was 12 and I still struggle to tie shoe laces

45. My favourite song of all time is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

46. I'm so grumpy when I'm tired or hungry. I'm like a baby

47. I own a lot of Sesame Street pjs and one set of my little pony pjs. Forever young

48. I'm a realist. I don't believe 'happy endings' or fairytales. I just believe in living each day happy and don't worry about if you end up happy.

49. I hate velvet. And velcro

50. I love photos. A LOT. I really want to spend like a whole week printing off every picture off of my Facebook and organising them into albums. And I'd also like to invest in a polaroid.


  1. Such a good post! I'm the same with reality tv shows. Give me a series of KUWTK and I'm set for the day haha xxx


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