Valentines day annoys me. Not the day itself but the way that people react to it. I think if you're in a relationship that's great, it's a day to buy the one you love a little something to show how much you care. People might say you should do it all year round but you don't celebrate your relationships all year round, just on anniversaries. You don't celebrate your age all year round, just on birthdays and so on. I actually quite like the idea of Valentines day. I think if you find somebody who wants to show their affections to you then that's amazing. 
If your single though you shouldn't be bitter and moaning about how alone you are. Just like it's ok to be in a relationship, it's also ok to be alone. There is much more to life than being with someone. Relationships shouldn't complete you, they should just add to your life. And I think that's a huge problem amongst society. "They say that the world is built for two" a very apt Lana Del Rey lyric and it is. Being single is seen as a shameful thing.
 I used to have a genuine fear that I would die alone but now I'm kinda like, well if I do will that be the worst thing ever because I'm not really alone. Yes I am single but I have a family who love me and friends who I adore. I have a great job and a lovely house. I'm very happy and I live each day with great fun and lots of laughter and if I do die and I haven't married or met the love of my life, is that really the worst thing ever?
I won't be receiving a gift today, or even a card and I think I've only actually had 2 valentines days where I have received something (bar several 'secret admirers' as a kid that were definitely my dad). Yesterday I went out and bought myself lots of nice things instead that I worked damn hard for and that's more meaningful to me right now than receiving a box of chocolates. I'm not saying I'm a complete feminist and I wouldn't like to receive valentines day gifts in the future, but if I never do again, I'll be fine with that also and I'm certainly not going to sit here and be bitter and jealous and slag off those who do. 


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