OOTD 5/2/14

Jumper: Monki
Scarf: Primark 
Boots and Treggings: Topshop

Feel like such a hipster, sat in Starbucks writing the past two posts as I currently have no internet (wahh). Hence the lack of posts over the past week. Been to a couple of house viewings this week but nothing majorly catches my eye. I'm lucky I'm in a position at the moment where I can be picky and I'm in no rush to move and the longer I wait the more money I have saved. Although I'm super excited to get my own little place, I have so many designs and ideas for decor.
Regarding the break up, its like 2 weeks on? And I'm doing really well. It's actually been the nicest break up I've ever had (if thats even a thing). Its probably the only relationship where it hasn't ended because I've been cheated on. Which is nice. And we're still really good friends so that makes things extra easy. I'm just really looking forward to lots of future things and I'm feeling really optimistic and genuinely happy.
Its been so hard not to splurge at the moment cause I have mentioned I am saving. So I'm just staying away from any shops, online or in real life and I'm reading less blogs because they are the worst way to tempt me. My bank account has never looked so full though.


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