OOTD 26/2/14

Necklace: H&M
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Primark

I'm obsessed with pencil skirts at the moment. I need them for work so its kind of any excuse to go shopping for new things but also I just love them. I love the silhouette they create and I've been consciously trying to buy clothes lately that are more classic and less fad/trend (other than my pink coat obvs). Usually by now I would have done some sort of post on Spring/Summer 2014 trends and I did try and sit down and write one but my heart wasn't in it.
 I don't really care any more what is 'in' and I don't try to buy and only wear clothes that are in stores as much as I used to. I just try to dress comfortably and confidently in things that I genuinely want to wear and not trying to be something I'm not just cause I think I should. Its hard to say you don't follow trends at all unless you literally live alone with no TV, internet and you never leave the house because trends/fashion is absolutely every where. The fact that I'm really in love with pink and pastels at the moments is because there's a lot of them in stores/ in the media but I'm not liking them purposely just cause their 'in'. Also I seem to have shook the 'black phase' I was going through. I didn't even notice until I looked back through some latest outfits. Much more colour and white for spring please.
I'm getting internet again next week so hopefully so I can blog in my pjs again and not have to sit upstairs in my house in order to get iMessage signal. YAY. 
Going for date night today with my two best pals as one of them have just got a promotion. Then hopefully lunch tomorrow with one of my gal pals I haven't seen for weeks. I need to fit a hair cut in somewhere too. Hi splitends.

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