OOTD 24/2/14

Dress: Zara
Boots: Topshop

Love/hate this dress. I think its gorgeous and its so comfortable to wear (even if its a little on the short side) but its a pain in the ass to actually do up. The button by the top of the collar is really not reachable or easy to do up. So I've avoided wearing it too much through fear of having to go to my neighbours to ask them to do it up until I can train my cats to do so. But today I did it. And it only took like 5 minutes. Hurrah. Worked like 6 days last week so my week was very awkward and stressful. Last night I finished early enough for shops to still be open and went and bought bags full of junk food. My version of junk food is just basically my weight in cheese and pepperami's Was good though. Currently gathering a little haul together of 'smart' clothing as I'm going to need a whole bunch of smart sensible clothes for work soon. I really love to buy smart clothes as I think it comes quite easy to me. Love, love, love pencil skirts, shift dresses and cute blouses. Now I just need to find some smart shoes that aren't boots.


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