Primark Haul

As well as my little home haul I did a little Primark haul. Something I haven't really done in a while.

Got these pjs including some gorgeous my little pony pjs which are ridiculously comfy.

I love this flower printed dress. Over the winter they had a similar one but in red, I never ended up buying it so I thought I'd get the pink version. I'm really into girly colours and feminine prints at the moment. There's a lot about in the shops too. I never thought I'd see a day where I willing wore pink again. When I was like 12 I went through a pink faze where I became obsessed with Paris Hilton. I had pink fluffy lampshades and everything. Vile. But I like nice feminine shades at the moment but not in excess.

I'm really in love with textured clothes at the moment, already have a white and black quilted top from Primark and I thought I'd add to the collection with this baby blue one. 

Bought these home bits as well, I'm really loving the colour purple currently and there's an ongoing theme throughout my house. The throw was only £5 and the candles £2 each. 

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